Flat Fee Services: $22

  • $15 Flat Rate for Prepaid Pickup & Home Delivery Service.  

  • $22 Flat Rate for our One-Stop Quick Shopping & Delivery Service or our Trash to Curb Service, Vacation Service, Pet Walking Service, and Kitchen Tidy Up Service.

  • $25/Hour for any other Shopping & Home Delivery Service and Everything Else on your To-Do list

  • All our Pandas adhere to CDC guidelines of maintaining a minimum of 6 feet from others, wearing masks, gloves and washing hands often, using hand sanitizer between all contacts and leaving items outside of member's homes.  

  • All Pandas that are high risk or showing any symptoms of illness will not be providing any services.  

  • By having one Panda run essential errands for multiple families, we are doing our part to reduce the amount of social contact in our community.

Need an extra set of hands to get everything done?  Wish you had a Personal Assistant, but think you can't afford one?  Want to help others stay employed and help local businesses?  My Panda is your solution.




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Contact Us:  MemberSupport@mypandaapp.com  PandaSupport@mypandaapp.com

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