Flat Fee Services: $22

Need an extra set of hands to get everything done? 

Wish you had a Personal Assistant, but think you can't afford one?  Want to help others stay employed and help local businesses? 

My Panda is your solution.

  • $22 for up to 45 minutes

    • Trash to Curb Service

    • Vacation Service

    • Pet Service

    • Laundry Service

    • Kitchen Tidy Up Service

  • $15 for first 30 minutes, then $7.50​ per 15 minutes ​​

    •  Shopping & Delivery Service

    • Custom Services for everything else on your To-Do list

  • All our Pandas adhere to CDC guidelines of maintaining a minimum of 6 feet from others, wearing masks and washing hands often, using hand sanitizer between all contacts and leaving items outside of member's homes.


  • All Pandas that are high risk or showing any symptoms of illness will not be providing any services. 


  • By having one Panda run essential errands for multiple families, we are doing our part to reduce the amount of social contact in our community.




Use referral code MPWeb for $5 off your first request!​


Contact Us:  MemberSupport@mypandaapp.com  PandaSupport@mypandaapp.com

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