Why Pandas?

Our service providers are called PANDAs because they are your Personal Assistant Next Door Anytime...And, well, because we love Pandas!

When My Panda was started, the founders were too busy to even find an extra set of trusted hands to help and thought - there should be an app for that!  ​


How are Pandas chosen?

  • Live within your local area.

  • Hired because they love to help!

  • Vetted with Security Background & Identity Checks.

  • Trained by My Panda

  • Rated to Ensure Consistency.

  • Insured for added protection.

  • Supervised to Ensure Commitment, Consistency, and Integrity.

Can the Pandas do what I need?

 We hire only the best from your community.  Pandas choose their own assignments, self-selecting from what they do best.  


You can set a prior Panda as a preferred Panda, block a Panda from seeing future requests, and see and rate the Panda.

How are Pandas paid?

Our Pandas are paid at a minimum of $20/hour or more depending on the service because we believe gig economy workers should be fairly paid!  We also reimburse for or provide masks!

We are currently hiring throughout Metro Atlanta and our goal is to give 1000 people jobs between now and the end of May.