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Why Pandas?

Our service providers are called PANDAs because our app spells Personal Assistant Next Door Anytime...And, well, because we love Pandas!

When the founders started this company, they were too busy to even find someone to help.   They wanted a set of extra trusted hands who could just pop over to help when needed it, and thought - there should be an app for that!  And so My Panda was born!​


How are Pandas chosen?

  • Recruited from your local community.  They live and work within your neighborhood or a surrounding neighborhood.

  • Vetted with Security Background & Identity Checks, Interviewed, Trained

  • Rated by You and Other Members to Ensure Consistency

  • Insured for you and your home's added protection

  • Reviewed by Us to Ensure Commitment, Consistency, and Integrity

  • Hired because they Love to Help!

Can the Pandas do what I need?

 Our Pandas come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from those who have chosen to quit corporate America and lawyers, to stay-at-home moms and retired individuals.

We hire only the best from your community.  Pandas choose their own assignments, self-selecting from what they do best.  


You can set a prior Panda as a preferred Panda, block a Panda from seeing future requests, and see and rate the Panda.

How are Pandas paid?

We focus on building a sense of community for our Pandas and keeping dollars in the local economy by keeping our service areas hyper-local.

We also believe that gig economy workers should be fairly paid, which is why our Pandas get $20 per hour and $15 for our flat-fee services.  In addition, our Pandas receive 5% of all member services paid by Panda referrals, even if the Panda does not perform the work.  When our Pandas work more than 30 hours per week, we will evaluate benefits too, so help them by helping you!